Through Urban Short Stay you can temporarily rent out your home. This is possible from 30 nights. Nice to have, if you don’t use it yourself!

Online management

Just placing an advertisement is not enough to successfully temporarily rent out your residence. After all, you want to achieve the best possible occupancy. And that takes more: an attractive ad, nice pictures, an online booking agency, but most of all well-developed knowledge of the target audience.

We know exactly what renters are looking for, and you reap the benefits. In the advertisement we present your residence at its best. We give you advice about the best pictures or, if necessary, we send a photographer to your home in order to capture your residence as best as possible.

Apart from that, we also advertise your residence through our extensive network of booking agencies. That way you get the best occupancy and subsequently the best earnings.


Risk free

Because your residence is your home, we do everything in our power to limit the risks of renting out temporarily as much as possible. For example, we do our best to screen all guests before their visit. This way you know who you are dealing with.

In order to make sure everything goes smoothly, we help you in determining a few house rules for your guests. Naturally, we pass these rules on to them.

Lastly, we charge every renter a security deposit before their visit. We hold on to this deposit until the guest has left and we have checked your residence for potential damages. Were there any damages? Then you are reimbursed out of the security deposit of the guest. Only after everything is in order does the guest get his security deposit back.

Everything taken care of

Via Urban Short Stay you rent out your residence without worries. Before your first guests arrive, we give you useful tips about, for example, the best arrangement or your personal items. Even your linens are safe: for every guest we deliver our own linen and towels of hotel quality.

During check-in we discuss the house rules with your guests and give them fun tips about the neighbourhood. And we are available to your guests when they have questions or problems during their stay. After check-out we thoroughly check the residence for possible damages and if necessary we handle this for you.

Have your guests left? Then we take care of the cleaning. This way, you always return to a nice and clean home. Nothing to worry about!


Secure payment

Lastly, of course we handle the payment safely. Before their stay your guests pay the entire amount of rent and a safety deposit. This happens through a secure environment, so that nothing can go wrong for either party. We keep this payment and deposit until your guests have left, and take care of all the administration for you. Every month we neatly pay you all your rental income.

Interested in renting out? Feel free to contact us.