How does it work?


Curious about our method? At Urban Short Stay you rent out your residence in four simple steps.


Sign up

After you sign up we immediately make an appointment at your residence and look at it together in order to make you a good offer. As soon as you agree we start to compose your advertisement. We write an appealing text for the right target audience and with your help collect the best pictures. If necessary our photographer will drop by in order to portray your home as well as possible. We will then use these pictures for your profile.



Pass on the availability

Tell us when you want to make your residence available. This is already possible starting at 30 nights. We put your profile online and we keep track of the availability. Herewith applies: the sooner you tell us when you will be able to receive guests, the better the occupancy.

Beside an online advertisement we also use our extensive network of booking agencies in order to make sure your residence gets rented out as much as possible. With our knowledge of the rental market in Amsterdam we know exactly how we can ensure the best utilization for you all year round.


Get your residence rental ready

Before the first guests arrive we help you to get your residence ready for temporary rental. Because there will still be quite a few questions that come to mind. For instance, where will you keep your valuables? And who makes sure there is enough toilet paper? Due to our years of experience we have a lot of practical tips and advices. Together with you we also establish some house rules. We combine these in a concise guide where we also clearly describe the equipment in and around the house. This way your guests know how everything works and what is expected of them.


Deliver the key to Urban Short Stay

Are you all set? Then all you have to do is deliver the key to us.

During their stay we are also always ready to help out your guests. During check-in we give them information about the residence and explain the house rules. We also tell guests about fun places in the neighbourhood. This way we make sure that they enjoy their stay as best as possible, and that they treat your home with respect.

Start immediately with the rental of your residence!