How does it work?


Curious about our method? At Urban Short Stay you rent your residence in four simple steps.


Sign up

After you have registered and sent your copy of the work contract, we immediately make an appointment by telephone to go through your chosen home and we will send you a good proposal.
As soon as you agree, we will start drawing up your rental contract. We personally discuss the proposal and the preconditions of the rental contract with you.



Pass on your check-in date

Tell us when you would like your home available to schedule the check-in. Here we take into account the availability and possibly your current rental home that you still have to cancel. The following applies: the sooner you tell us when you can leave your old home, the better the landing will be.
With our knowledge of the rental market in the Netherlands, we know exactly how we can best arrange your new home for you.


Prepare your paperwork for the lease

Before you can be admitted, we help you prepare your paperwork for renting your home. There are still quite a few questions to consider. For example, you are self-employed, which documents do you need? And who ensures that you can sign the lease on time? Thanks to our long experience, we have many practical tips and advice.


Collect your key at Urban Short Stay

Are you all set for it? Then all you have to do is collect your key and start renting your new home!

We are always there for you during your stay. At check-in we provide information about the property and explain the house rules. We also point out the nice places in the area. In this way we ensure that you can enjoy your stay optimally.

Start immediately with selecting your new home!